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Alejandro Barron was born in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. Throughout his entire life he has had a great fascination for art, with his biggest inspiration coming from the knowledge acquired by studying architecture in Guadalajara, as well as studying fashion design in Madrid, Spain. But above all, each design is inspired in and projects an expression of what Mexico is, from the familiar to the unknown, the mythical to the common-place, the ancient to the modern-day. The brand transports us to a Mexico filled with sensations through its history, which is fundamentally characterized by the purity and abstractness of each piece. The brand translates to an architectonic design rich in textures and geometrical patterns, both rigid and organic, that also represent part of the ancestral iconography of indigenous traditional wear. Alejandro Barron is committed to the avant-garde. He understands and is familiar with the esthetic necessities of the worldly and contemporary woman and man. He studies the anatomy of the human being and its spatial contours in order to cover the figure with accurate proportions. In love with his country, Alejandro introduces us to Mexico in a whole new way.

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